Investment Management

Investment in various instruments Like Mutual funds / Stocks / ULIPs

Investment management refers to the practice of handling assets to address specific investment goals. The assets in question are often liquid or classified as securities, but they can also include other commodities.

Investment management is practiced by professional investment managers, who understand the goals of the investor and perform specific actions to work toward them. Depending upon the nature of the investment, they are also referred to as fund managers or asset managers.

Along with buying and selling assets, investment managers also plan effective portfolio management for the given period of their responsibilities. They can also carry out additional tasks, such as bank transfers.

Investment management services are available to individuals and institutions alike, with specialized solutions accessible to both segments. Some financial institutions offer investment management to retail or average investors, while others only provide them to accredited or high-net-worth individuals. In both cases, specialized or alternative products are available to only those investors who can handle additional risks with their funds.

Investment management can also refer to pooled funds, which use several investors’ collective funds to create a mutual investment. Mutual funds, Stocks, ULIPs and pension funds fall under these types of funding mechanisms.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of investment management, contact our team of financial advisors . We have more than 25 years of experience in financial planning, advisory, and investment management. We can also help you manage your retirement planning, legacy planning, trust services and financial planning.

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When you turn to investment management services, you don’t have to take your investment decisions alone and don’t need to carry out relevant activities all by yourself. Instead, your investment management team can handle everything for you. This takes the burden off of your shoulders while also providing you with highly specialized services to boost your income.

Investment management allows you to benefit from seasoned professionals’ informed advice, who make their assessments using personal experience and tech-powered analysis tools. These suggestions are particularly useful when you are deciding to invest in certain products. At the same time, they are also quite helpful during the period of your ongoing investments.

Since the financial sector is full of innovation, opportunities, and risks, your investment manager’s hands-on experience and skills help you at every step of your investment journey. By assimilating your needs, they can help you understand which investment products may be right for you, which opportunities you should explore in the future, and what type of financial experiments should you stay away from at all costs. This aims to ensure that you make the right decisions and steer clear of unnecessary risks.

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Equity market is a place where stocks and shares of companies are traded. The equities that are traded in an equity market are either over the counter or at stock exchanges.


A commodity market is a marketplace where investors trade several commodities like spices, energy, precious metals, crude oil within a country.


This is a type of marketplace that will fix the exchange rate for the currencies.

Mutual Fund

A type of certified managed combined investment schemes that gathers money from many investors to buy securities.

Health Insurance

A health insurance policy extends coverage against medical expenses incurred owing to accidents, illness or injury.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance insures an individual against the risk of financial loss in case of death. It does not include a savings plan.


When a governmental authority imposes levies on citizens and business organizations


PMS aims to cater to the investment needs of individuals or entities with high net worth value by providing them with investment solutions.


A sum of money borrowed from banks or other financial institutions

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